My Call to the Ring

Coming Soon as a Motion Picture: My Call to the Ring: A Memoir of A Girl Who Yearns to Box by Deirdre Gogarty with Darrelyn Saloom is available for sale at all storefronts:






“If you’ve ever wondered why and how people do extraordinary, almost impossible things, read My Call to the Ring. Deirdre Gogarty knocked me out with this book.”–Ted Mann, former National Lampoon editor, television writer and producer. 

“This is a story with a whole lot of heart. I know what it’s like to be talked down to, and so does Deirdre Gogarty. Her memoir goes toe to toe with the best boxing stories out there.”–Larry Holmes, former world heavyweight champion

“When I saw Deirdre Gogarty’s magnificent fight with Christy Martin on a Tyson show, I knew she had the grit of a real champion. After reading her memoir, I have no doubt.”—Chuck “The Real Rocky” Wepner

book front cover 2014